10" x 18" Reseal HDPE Form with Hold Down Bars

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This 10″ x 18″ Reseal Form is made in of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) and is put together with threaded inserts. The form also comes with an integrated T-Track hold down system, so there is no need for extra clamps to hold your creation in place.

This form is designed to come completely apart for easy clean, as well as to provide a simple release of your completed creations. To release your project simply remove one, or all sides of the form to release the cured project.

  • 10” x 18” x 3” HDPE Reseal Form
  • 3 Hold Down Bars

Made in Canada by Exotherm Custom Designs

Please be aware that all reseal forms need to be fully sealed with silicone sealant prior to each use.