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These beautiful handcrafted rings feature color shifting Dichrolam inlays, centered in a band type of your choosing. The Dichrolam is placed by hand, encased in resin, and then finished to a brilliant shine.

Dichrolam Colors:

  • Black Sea Burl: Deep blues, greens and violets inter-streaked with gold to red veining. 
  • Red Burl: Rich Reds with gold and copper highlights, inter-streaked with dark violet and blue veining with occasional green highlights. 
  • Fire Burl: Literally every color of the rainbow with gold, copper and fuchsia thrown in. Primary coral heads are red/gold like Red Burl, but the veining has it all - blue, purple, violet, magenta green and yellow.
  • Titanium Burl: Veins of rich sky blue and magenta amidst pure gold coral heads. The same colors found when heating titanium to bring out its oxide colors. 

What makes Dichroic Laminates so special?
The Dichroic Optical Core within each lamination is unique in its ability to filter and reflect specific wavelengths of light. This results in a product that will produce dramatic color shifts as the viewing angle changes -- literally changing color before your very eyes. The same optical effects you see in natural opals, butterfly wings, and soap bubbles. There is no more powerful architectural tool available to high-end designers.

The science and technology behind these laminations is equally impressive. The Burl textures line, for example, is comprised of over nine separate polymer layers laminated in three separate proprietary lamination steps -- a process developed over the past seventeen years by its inventor, John Blazy.

Hand wash only.

When proceeding with an order please make sure to note your ring size in the special instructions box, we cannot proceed without your custom size.

Please be aware of the following;

All gemstones, ring bands and overall coloration may vary from the image provided. Each piece is individually hand crafted in our shop with the best quality materials available to us. These are not cookie cutter manufactured rings.

If customizations (addition of extra inlay materials, pigments, glow powders, etc.) are needed, please contact us directly for pricing.  

Our rings are NOT resizable, it is crucial to make sure your custom ring will fit. We do recommend having your ring size confirmed by a jeweler before ordering. As all rings are custom made to order to your specifications and sizing we are unable to accept returns. If there is an issue please contact us and we will be more than happy to find a solution for you.