Live Edge Butcher Knife Charcuterie Board

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This live edge butcher knife charcuterie board is made out of a solid piece of olive hardwood.

Olive wood has a gorgeous grain pattern consisting of rich creamy brown to yellow heartwood, with darker brown to black contrasting streaks. We have taken special care to fill any open cracks or holes with clear epoxy, making sure not to take away from the natural grain of the wood. 

No two charcuterie boards are ever the same, each butcher knife is handmade to a different shape and size to maximize the use of the live edge wood. This piece has been sealed with all-natural food-grade finishes, including a Darkening Oil which helps the Olive woods natural color deepen with age.


Product Details

  • Material: Live Edge Hardwood
  • Wood Species: Olive Wood
  • Dimensions: 19.5" x 8" x .75"
  • Product Care and Cleaning: Hand Wash Only 


Please be aware of the following;

All dimensions, wood coloration, and finishes may vary from the image provided. These are not cookie cutter manufactured charcuterie boards, each piece is individually hand crafted in our shop from locally sourced wood.

If you are interested in this item being made to your specifications (wood type, epoxy fill color, size, etc.) please contact us directly for pricing.